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Abraham was born in St. Francois Co., Mo. in the early 1820ís. Tabitha Ann came to Texas with her mother, Claryssa Hays Griffin, around 1826. Tabithaís father, Solomon Griffin, received a land grant in one of Stephen F. Austinís colonies. Solomon died either prior to leaving for Texas, on the trail to Texas, or shortly after arriving in Texas. After his death, Claryssa and Tabitha inherited Solomonís land.

Claryssa then married John Andrews, who had also come to Texas from St. Francois Co., Mo. John then raised Tabitha as his own daughter along with the other children he and Claryssa had together.

Abraham Baker came to Texas some time around 1839 after he had received a land grand in Jackson County. Abraham and Tabitha were married on December 15, 1841 in Jackson Co., Republic of Texas.